Dear Editor,

A Food Standards Agency study, published last week, stated that there was little to no nutritional difference between organic and non-organic produce. Leaving aside the arguments for and against the study, we would like to focus on two overlooked aspects. For us at least, the major benefits of organic are not in comparing what is in organic food (nutritional values), but rather what is not in organic food - pesticide residues, chemicals, e-numbers, artificial colourings etc. The evidence here is pretty much pro-organic.

Secondly, as a dedicated organic wholesale bakery, in business for 10 years, we have to adhere to a strict list of what natural, organic ingredients we are permitted to use. Our recipes are uncomplicated; they are the same that have been used for hundreds of years - flour, egg, milk, butter, raising agent - mix, into the oven, done. But we were unable to achieve the same results by automating our process as we do in hand-baking; the machines could not handle the consistency of our organic batters.

Customers choose organic products for different reasons, such as taste, quality standards or perceived benefits. We stand by their right to do so.

Lise Madsen, MD and founder,

Honeyrose Bakery