Mixer manufacturer Diosna has launched two new products for bakers. The PSPVW Spiral Mixer features special tooling, which enables it to stir, mix and beat in all pastes, batters, creams and butter for the cake-making and dessert industries.

The mixer is controlled by a touchscreen, and programmes for different recipes can be stored on the system. Bowl and tool speeds can be regulated continuously.

During beating or stirring, the bowl turns in the same direction as the tool; a scraper removes deposits from the bowl wall.

Diosna has also developed a new kneading tooling for its Wendel Mixer, which enables bakers to process smaller batches of dough that only require one-third of the mixing bowl’s capacity.

The tools turn in opposite directions, encouraging faster development with minimal shear damage and low temperature gain in comparison to other high-speed mixing systems, said the company. It can now handle a volume between 160-600kg of dough at a time.