Macphie has developed a batter to help bakers tap into the latest craze of whoopie pies a cross between a cookie and a cake sandwich.

The Mississippi Muffin/Cake range comes in a choice of plain, chocolate and toffee flavours. Simply make up the batter, pipe 2-inch rounds (approx 35g) and bake for 15 minutes. The batter holds its shape during baking, resulting in round, soft, moist discs for sandwiching with whipped Mactop Extra or Mactop Traditional from the firm.

Premium presentation can earn more margin, says Macphie, as bakers can use icings and edible sprinkles, tailored to special occasions, such as birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Macphie marketing manager Jania Boyd said: "Whoopie pies are the hottest trend for 2010. Whatever your skill level, the Macphie range of cake mixes, cream alternatives and icings make light work of producing whoopie pies."

Macphie is offering free, novelty point-of-sale material, which can be attached to windows, counters, display cabinets or doors.