Bakery name: Firkins Bakery, a West Midlands bakery chain with 38 shops.

Machinery: new touchscreen Q650 EPOS till systems with Quantum 1.1 for bakeries along with CyBake Touch shop ordering software, across its entire estate.

Why has it been installed?: Firkins was looking for a computerised till system that could handle promotions, linked-in products and meal-deals, while retaining the integrity of the data.

What the machinery does: Quantum is an end-to-end management system designed to ensure revenue capture and that stock consumed is accurately reconciled to revenue. Firkins was attracted by Quantum’s advanced reporting functions for bakers and price-promotion management capabilities.

Problems solved: Previously, the firm was not able to say that inside a meal-deal it sold X number of soft drinks; it could only say that it had sold so many meal-deals. This ruined the integrity of its stock control system, because it didn’t know what to allocate. Quantum 1.1 solves this with live reporting via broadband back to head office, so managers can see exactly what is selling in each shop in real-time, as well as cash declared. For promotions, Quantum allows complex discounts involving combinations of products (or even combinations of products, special vouchers and specific customer-types) to be set up and automated on till screens from head office.

Technical specifications: Because Quantum was integrated with the CyBake Touch software on touchscreen tills, orders, waste and deliveries are entered in-store and transmitted to head office in real-time via broadband.

Supplied by: EPOS Group, which specialises in the design, installation and support of EPOS systems in retail and hospitality.

Telephone number: 0870 428 2830