Mexican Concha is based on sweet enriched leavened dough, not too dissimilar to French brioche. They are round, soft bread rolls with a thick, sugary topping. Typical flavours are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Concha is probably the most popular of all the Mexican bakery products and is usually sold individually over the counter or multi-packed into bags of six or a dozen. It is very typical to buy as a mixed variety pack, usually very vibrant in colour.

Concha is a popular treat and sweet snack product, not too dissimilar to how doughnuts or muffins would be consumed in the UK. How the product looks is key for consumers on the go, so these really do grab your attention. These vibrant-coloured treats could really create a stir and fit in with UK coffee culture very well.

Also, why not experiment with a chocolate and cinnamon Concha option, using cocoa powder and cinnamon to taste.

Come and see me give a demonstration of Concha-making at the Baking Industry Exhibition:

Tuesday, 23 March: 12pm

Wednesday, 24 March: 11am

Topping Paste Recipe


Cake margarine400

Caster sugar400


Vanilla flavourto taste

Food colouringuse visually (red or yellow are typical)

MethodAdd all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and slowly combine using a paddle attachment until clear and smooth. The paste is ready to use or can be stored at chilled temperature in a sealed bag for later use.

Dough Recipe (scale up as required)


Bread Flour100


Block yeast6




Vanilla flavourto taste


Butter or Margarine20

* use recommended supplier dosage or omit and bulk fermentMethod1. Mix the dough on a spiral mixer until 80% developed, then add the fat and continue mixing until fully developed (A).2. Scale the dough pieces to 60g, round and place on lined baking sheet (B).3. For the topping paste, weigh at 60g and form into a ball, then flatten to a disc (C). Using a spiral cutter press on to the paste to leave the spiral imprint (D).4. Slightly flatten off the dough balls and place the paste disc on to the dough piece (E). 5. Allow to prove at 22°C for at least two hours or doubled in size (F).6. Bake at 200°C for approximately 20 minutes.