Kicking off the Unreal Cake Campaign for 2011 is Disney, which has developed a cake technology so clever that it will no doubt prompt your photo cake printer to wave the flag and commit digital suicide. Disney was recently awarded a patent for interactive cakes using small pico projectors. Or to give you the full mouthful: "Projector Systems and Methods For Producing Digitally Augmented, Interactive Cakes and Other Food Products".

While the system would be able to project images on to the surface, it would also detect the topography of the cake. For example, each slice cut out could develop a story; if there’s a simulated lake image projected onto the cake, slicing into it would create a waterfall of projected water flowing down the missing section. Props could also be programmed to trigger projections, such as if Aladdin’s lamp were to be rubbed, a genie could be projected coming out. Or waving a wand might make Tinkerbell appear. Cute.

It might be Stop the Week’s sick penchant for horror cakes, but we’re already thinking of some of some gruesome applications for a Halloween cake, where you literally stick the knife in.