An energy-saving rack oven, recently on trial in a number of German bakeries, is now available in the UK and Ireland, through European Process Plant (EPP). The MIWE rolling e+ can offer potential energy savings of up to 25%, as reported by some bakers involved in the trials.

MIWE’s roll-in ovens already have a patented air control system, but the development team at MIWE wanted to produce an easy-to-use, even more efficient oven, which was not only economical, but gave uniform baking results for a wide range of products, from crusty rolls to delicate confectionery, explained EPP. The new oven circulates over 30% more air, more sensitively than its predecessors, in up to nine stages.

"Many bakers reported more uniform colour, a shinier crust and what has been described as a ’more beautiful crust crack’ from their roll products," said EPP managing director Keith Stalker. "They were also impressed by the oven’s increased steam capacity and its ability to quickly recover to its start temperature at most three minutes."

The new oven has a heating gas system with an additional flue gas duct to provide steam heating, resulting in combustion efficiency of over 90%. The exit temperature of the flue gas is up to 50C below that of the baking chamber, which further minimises the already low stack loss, said the firm.

It is suitable for rack trolleys of all heights up to 1,980mm.