The Black Forest Gateau originated in Germany, but had come to be seen as a little old-fashioned. However, the combination of chocolate, cream, kirsch and cherries is an all-time classic. Bachmanns developed this lighter, more modern version and, for 10 years, it has been a favourite with our customers.

Chocolate sponge, kirsch syrup, chocolate mousse, cherry mousse, cherry filling.

1. Line rings with cards and place appropriate cake board underneath.
2. Cut out a sponge disc, about 12mm thick. Trim to leave a gap of about 7mm around the edge of the sponge and the cards. Soak evenly with kirsch syrup (A).
3. Scoop cherry mix on to the sponge centre (B).
4. Prepare the chocolate mousse and ladle carefully over the cherry mix as shown, again keeping to the centre of sponge (C). Leave to set.
5. Prepare the cherry mousse (D). You can use a powdered "fond" and whipped cream. Unifine Dohler or Town and Country Fine Foods supply these.
6. Ladle the cherry mousse over the chocolate mousse until it reaches just (5mm) below the edge of the card (E). Ensure the mousse fills the gap between the card and the bottom sponge.
7. Cut another layer of sponge and place on the top (F).
8. Sprinkle the top layer evenly with kirsch syrup (G).
9. Set in the freezer.
10. To finish, decorate the top with chocolate flakes and dust with cocoa powder.