Working with Italian firm MONDIAL FORNI, Norbake has introduced the Mondialmatic Steam Tube tunnel ovens, suitable for baking any size of bread and pastry products within a temperature range of 200?C and 270?C. The Mondialmatic Series ensure a large baking surface (up to 100sq m) within a minimum space due to its composition with three or four parallel baking decks, says the firm.

Decks are heated by ring-shaped cold drawn, seamless, stainless steel steam tubes, different from any other heating technology as it is made up of a very resistant silent sealed closed circuit, which doesn’t need any maintenance, claims the company. It is environmentally friendly, while the heating fluid is normal water. All steam tubes are assembled on the furnace and on refractory ducts especially designed to ensure perfect heat distribution, high thermal capacity and low consumption (gas or gasoil), it is said.

A wide range of accessories including automatic loading/unloading elevators, small bread tipping device, steam generator and bread unloading chute are also available.