"Due to the tension I felt a little bit dizzy. I cannot take a shower because I have all the tapings and there was not enough time for everything.

"Probably for that reason, when I came back on court I felt a little bit dizzy. But I ate some bread, some bananas, and that’s helped me a lot"

- the food of champions! Tennis ace Rafael Nadal salutes the loaf after winning the quarter-final of the French Open, on the way to his fourth title in a row

"The strong strategic fit of the businesses combined with a leading management team will create the global leader in value-added baked goods. This can be achieved by delivering sustainable revenue and long-term earnings growth while deriving advantage from leveraging synergy opportunities."

- the authors of a joint statement on the merger of IAWS and Hiestand raid the business clichés phrasebook, and leap to the front of the queue for a Plain English Award