"If you think Islington is all air-kissing, cocaine-snorting, gym-going, Guardian-reading, latté-slurping, organic, free-range, GM-free munching fashionistas, think again. It’s worse than that - much, much worse than that"

- a new report titled ’Invisible Islington: The Dirty Secret of Café Society’, by poverty charity Cripplegate Foundation, lifts the lid on the sixth-poorest borough in the UK

"People have been going crazy for coffee shop jobs. We will have to bring the recruitment drive forward a day to cope"

- can’t get the staff? Costa franchisee Jacky Elliott, who was inundated with 200 job applications for 10 positions after announcing plans to move into Stourbridge’s Ryemarket, finds the pool of available workers has suddenly got a bit bigger