"We’re not taking the mick out of chavs, we love them. They don’t mind being called chavs - they’re proud of it and this is the drink for them. We always see them hanging round the town centre with their gold chains and baseball caps, eating sweeties and drinking energy drinks. We thought we would make the chavuccinos for a bit of a laugh - but they have turned out to be a huge hit"

- Colin Chamberlain of Lizzie’s coffee shop in Maidstone town centre on its highly popular innovation, the chavuccino, which comes with hundreds and thousands, a Flake, some dolly mixtures on the side, a Burberry-style napkin and a shot of Red Bull

"In the Bolshevik revolution, the slogan was ’peace, land, and bread’. Today, you are being asked to choose between bread and freedom. I suggest the people on Main Street have said they prefer their freedom, and I am with them"

- Republican Congressman Thaddeus McCotter explaining opposition to the US government bailing out its failing banks last week. Can’t we have both?