"We sell a bunch of junk. We’ve decided if Whole Foods doesn’t take a leadership role in educating people about a healthy diet, who the heck is going to do it?"

- John Mackey, chief executive of Whole Foods Market, takes the moral high ground in The Times by suggesting that the chain could urge customers to "vote out" fatty foods like chocolates, cakes and sweets, by educating its customers to eat well

"If you don’t leave behind 6,000 yuan ($880) in your bakery tomorrow, you’ll be responsible for the consequences."

- burglars to a bakery in Yiyang, in China’s Hunan province, resort to written threats, when they fail to discover where bakery owner Yang has hidden his cash

"We’re going to have fresh products... (The vehicles) are going to be the Krispy Kremes of the world"

- car-maker Ford’s CFO Lewis Booth likens the firm’s drive to refresh its cars and trucks to a brand of fresh baked goods