"Peter sets to work and introduces me to the ’Bitch’. The Bitch is the starter, the natural, yeasty leaven that makes the good bread really good bread. The Bitch smells strong and vinegary and she makes popping, breathing sounds that tell us she is alive and well"

one food blog, This could be Ludlow or Anywhere, gets an insight into how Price & Sons’ head baker Peter Cook treats his starter

"Greggs now sells water with a ’sports cap’. They might as well sell pies with track spikes"

comedian and star of The Thick of It Chris Addison is unconvinced by Greggs’ latest offer

"Clearly, the message from The Hague today is simple: you can kill and rape and mutilate as much as you like, but if you really want to gain a purchase on early 21st-century western discourse you need to have once had contact with a celebrity in some incredibly minor way. Even now, let’s hope that the Janjaweed militia are making a pitch for posterity by sending baskets of muffins to Lindsay Lohan"

handing baked gifts to celebrities could be the best way for an aspiring dictator to gain global notice, says The Guardian’s Marina Hyde, irked by the media hype surrounding Naomi Campbell’s witness appearance at The Hague for having allegedly received a ’blood diamond’ gift from former Liberian despot Charles Taylor