"Remember those heady days when the ultimate culinary treat was coming home from school and tucking into a tasty crisp sandwich?"

the Asda marketing team share an insight into their formative years, while launching a crisp sandwich or Crispwich, if you will. The limited-edition snack, which retails at 60p, sees the supermarket’s marketeers square up to bitter rival Tesco, which itself has plumbed the depths of NPD with fish finger and lasagne sarnies

"He might just be the greatest expert in the history of British television"

Crikey! A baker finally takes centre stage among the sea of celeb chefs, as The Guardian dishes out unprecedented praise for baker Paul Hollywood, judge of BBC2’s The Great British Bake Off

"The most important thing about cupcakes is this individualisation If you like pink, then you go for pink cupcakes, or you can put pictures on, or stars or whatever"

Haleh Moravej, a senior lecturer in nutrition at Manchester Metropolitan University, with an earth-shattering critique of the appeal of cupcakes to women