"The humorous billboards are a fun way of helping consumers relate to the brand’s name Bimbo (pronounced Beembo), which is also the name of our bear character. Bimbo is derived from the Italian word bambino, meaning little boy"

a spokesperson for Mexican Bimbo Bakeries explains why its latest billboard ads feature a pronunciation tip "Say ’Beembo!" to overcome the word’s chauvinistic associations in the US. Bimbo’s website undermines the spin, saying the name is a mix of bingo and Bambi

"She stands right by the counter and quacks until we feed or pat her. The really bizarre thing is she comes in every year at the same time. Every single person who walks past comments"

co-owner Shelley Sims of Brumby’s Hardy St bakery in Nelson, New Zealand on the muffin-hungry duck that spends months at the bakery each year. Somebody call Environmental Health!