"Someone on the Barclays equity floor is stealing the tops off muffins in the trader café. Someone noticed the muffins this morning and mentioned it to the woman working the register. She is apparently frustrated by it as well, because she doesn’t know how she doesn’t see it happening since they are right in her line of sight"

a mole at Barclays lifts the lid on more underhand goings-on in the banking sector, as posted by a supergrass on trading blog Dealbreaker

"If somebody wants to open a small bakery to make cheap bread, he goes to the National Democratic Party, pays a bribe and gets a bakery licence. Then he gets a quota of government-subsidised flour and sells it. It’s easy if you have the connections"

- Emad Barsoum, a former member of Hosni Mubarak’s ruling party, reveals how simple it is to open a bakery in Egypt