"Stop. Collaborate and listen; Ice is back with a brand new invention; rap while you wrap so gimme a handclap; what we’re gonna make is called the squareish wrap; spread some pesto and add some tomato, a lotta mozzarella and a little bit of basil"

Warburtons enlists rapper Vanilla Ice to promote its flatbread launch. You need to pronounce it "tomayto" and "baysul" if you want to, in Mr Ice’s words, "rock a mike like a vandal"

"We know that the combination of fatty and sweet foods is extremely palatable to human beings. But we also know it’s extremely dense in calories. People have to enter exercise and weight loss programmes knowing that they can’t just eat whatever they want"

’No s*** Sherlock’ award of the week goes to professor Neil King of Queensland University of Technology in Australia, whose research has found that exercise can increase your desire to eat sugary foods