Foods such as white bread release the sugar more quickly than their wholegrain counterparts and too much sugar is associated with energy slumps, which mean you won’t have the energy for sex"

Helen Bond of the British Dietetic Association draws a spurious conclusion, again in The Daily Mail

"I think we need to leave the in-fighting, cynicism and criticism of each other behind. Turning in on ourselves does nothing for the customer and does nothing for the industry"

Speaking at the Allegra Coffee LeadersSummit, Starbucks UK’s CEO Darcy WIllson-Rymer veils a barb at Costa Coffee’s anti-Starbucks ’my one is better than your one’ advertising campaigns

"Darcy, nice to see you, especially when you’re not brandishing some legal document!"

Twenty minutes later, Jim Slater, marketing director of Costa Coffee, ignores the ceasefire and shoots back across Starbucks’ bows

"Something went wrong with this offer, but despite this, one doesn’t have to criticise shop workers or destroy posters"

Christoph Raddatz, lawyer for the Raddatz bakery in Saxony, Germany, defends accusations of racism after a backlash against marketing posters featuring a black baby promoting a range of chocolate cakes