A leading UK bakery manufacturer and supplier of bakery components, Baking Solutions, has recently purchased a complete muffin-processing unit worth £100,000 from specialist depositing technology manufacturer Turbo Systems.

Baking Solutions, based in Oxfordshire, had won a major contract from a leading customer to supply muffins for over 300 outlets across the UK and required a new injection system to meet increased demand and to provide its customer with high-quality products. A range of flavoured muffins, including blueberry, chocolate chip and lemon, were included in the deal.


Having been in close contact with Turbo Systems for around four years, Baking Solutions turned to the equipment company to supply all the main components of the processing line.

So that it could meet the retailer’s supply requirements on deadline, Turbo Systems initially loaned Baking Solutions a D152 depositor, before the main injection unit was installed. The first system, now incorporated onto Baking Solutions’ existing oven system, is an eight-across muffin injection unit and the second machine is an off-line system, comprising a six-across mini monoblock depositor and indexing conveyor.

In operation, the muffin batter is deposited in rows of four onto baking trays, and then conveyed into the oven. After the muffins have been baked and come off the cooler, the baking trays are indexed, two at a time, and the various sauce flavours and textures are injected into the muffins.

Baking Solutions special projects manager Andy Bastable, says: "The muffin line is now working to full capacity and its performance is excellent. It’s very compact, freeing up factory floor space, and the throughputs are very high. Also, the back-up service and training have been a real bonus."

lengthy experience

Turbo Systems has been a provider of bespoke equipment solutions to the baking industry for over 50 years. Its machine range includes cutting units, coating and decorating nozzles, and a whole range of depositors.

Baking Solutions has been trading within the baking industry for over 10 years and has a 70,000sq ft nut-free bakery facility in the heart of Oxfordshire. It maintains ’A grade’ BRC accreditation and produces branded, own-label and third-party bakery lines for the market.