National Doughnut Week (9 to 16 May) kicks off the other side of the weekend and bakers are being urged to prepare. 

Hundreds of bakers have already registered and plan to make the most of the week by increasing footfall. Bakers are encouraged to put on events and offers such as a ‘doughnut of the day’, According to Creeds, the most popular doughnut remains a traditional jam. It advised: “Use a good tasting, good quality, seedless jam and ensure the sugar used to dust the doughnuts is fresh and changed daily.”

Lisa Boswell trade marketing manager, CSM, which is sponsoring the week, said: “There’s certainly an air of excitement spreading through the country.

“From traditional jam doughnuts to savoury doughnut sandwiches and quirky vegan doughnuts being sold on the streets of London, we’ve seen some fantastic innovative activity from the bakers involved.

“If bakers are still keen to get involved, we’d encourage them to get creative with doughnut making over the week and dress their shop to alert their customers to the week.”