As a key part of the National Craft Bakers’ Week 2011 celebrations, from 19-24 September, organisers are urging all bakers to join in ’A Big Taste’ a national ’taste experience’ event, taking place on Wednesday 21 September .

’A Big Taste’ is a once-in-a-year opportunity for bakers to demonstrate to consumers the difference in taste between hand-crafted breads, cakes, savouries and pastries made locally and freshly baked every day by artisan bakers and those produced in factories.

Independent bakers are urged to showcase their local specialities, hand-crafted breads, decorated cakes, new products and customers’ favourites by offering free sample tasting sessions throughout the day. Trays of bite-sized samples can be offered on counter-tops, plates of samples can be handed to customers while they wait to be served, passers-by may be invited to try some tasty morsels as they go about their business and community groups can be offered special tasting sessions all as part of ’A Big Taste’.

A national and regional press campaign to promote the event will raise consumer awareness, and independent bakers are urged to contact their local radio station and newspapers with details of their particular event. ’A Big Taste’ poster will be available from the NAMB and bakers are urged to check or to download the poster and a sample press release.