JBS Master Baker (Market Deeping, Peterborough) has a new planetary mixer with an oil-free gearbox. Developed by Italian mixing specialist Sancassiano, it provides hygiene,

maintenance and production advantages on a wide range of products, claims the company.

The oil-free gearbox eliminates the possibility of leakage and product contamination and allows a simpler design, reducing surfaces in which bacteria can grow.

With independent motors to drive the tools and planetary movement, changeover between paddle, spiral and whisk is tool-free and can take less than 10 seconds. The speed of the tools and of the planetary movement can be adjusted independently, increasing flexibility for different mixing phases and recipes, says JBS.

All Sancassiano planetary mixers have two tools and one scraper, reducing mixing time by up to 65% compared with a single tool mixer, claims the firm. Other tools including a cutting tool and a flat paddle can also be used. The scraper continuously follows the internal profile of the bowl, ensuring a consistent mix.