Sveba-Dahlen ovens and provers

S series: Small rack ovens; built-in steam system; user-friendly e-panel for manual or automatic programming; can be supplemented with underbuilt prover; stainless steel; low operating and maintenance costs. For baguettes rolls, fancy breads, and heavier breads. The S400 runs on electricity and gas, while the S200 is only released as an electric oven.

C series: Compact; large airflow; powerful heat; variable steam; user-friendly e-panel; available in different sizes with different options. Also available in a CS version for stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Delivered in one piece for easy installation and quick start. Runs on electricity, oil or gas.

V Series: Large, efficient heating package; patented steam system; heavy throughput; flexible - up to four racks per chamber, with various options. Runs on electricity oil or gas.

Deck ovens: Classic series. Traditional baking; flexible modular system. Up to five decks, five widths also double depth option. Stone soles; steam option; castors. Can be delivered with underbuilt prover.

Pizza ovens - three versions:

l Trendy: Built-in turbo and timer; high operating economy; two chambers.

l Classic: Up to three sections, can be controlled separately; available in different widths.

l Travelling: Design is based on mesh bands, which transport pizza and also other products through the oven. Up to three separately controlled sections.

Tunnel ovens and fermentation lines:

Tunnel ovens: high operational reliability; low maintenance; delivered with direct acting electricity or gas; various types of bands up to 4m wide; size according to customer needs.

Fermentation lines: On one or two levels; band width up to 4m woven across the complete width.

Provers, retarder-provers, freezer-provers: Stainless steel; capable of all above functions. Many sizes, works with low air exchange, ensures everything is ready when needed. A climator unit gives optimal control of humidity.

Contacts and services: Technical programming and layout drawing free of charge. Technical bakery support for installation and start-up. Country-wide 24-hour service.

UK agent: Benier, tel: 01908 312 333, email: