Polish company T&W Bakeries makes a range of Baltona breads in dark, garlic, caraway and poppy variants. It also makes sunflower and plum breads, as well as 100% rye breads and Polish sweets and rolls. All its breads are made with sourdough.

Baltona White Bread

Ingredients for 100 loaves (weights are approximate)

38.3kg: Wheat flour

29kg: Sourdough

20 litres: Water

9kg: Rye flour

1kg: White salt

1kg: Yeast


The sourdough is manufactured in tanks, operated by a computer, which looks after the proper temperature and conditions during the entire mixing process. The ready starter is weighed then poured into the mixing bowl, where it is combined with all the other waiting ingredients, including: wheat flour, water, rye flour, salt and yeast. The mixing time is approximately 20 minutes.

1. The dough is transferred to a divider then a rounder. The shaped pieces of the dough end up in plastic baking baskets and are moved to a proving room for approximately 50 minutes.

2. In the proving room, the pieces of dough are leavened into proper loaf sizes under optimal conditions of 40ºC and the appropriate humidity.

3. They are transported to the ovens and are baked in a temperature of 215ºC for approximately 45 minutes.

4. After cooling, slicing and packing, the final product is ready for sale.