Renshaw’s (Liverpool) Double Cut Peel and Renpeel have a concentrated flavour and citrus aroma, says the company.

They can be used for marbling through batters, incorporating into tray bakes, as a spread for Danish pastries or as an addition to dairy desserts.

Diced into 4mm x 4mm pieces, the Double Cut Peel can be incorporated into batters and doughs, but is large enough to give a fruity bite, says Renshaw. Renpeel is a smooth peel paste made from oranges and lemons with a zesty flavour suitable for biscuits, desserts or blending into a cake batter.

“The fresh taste of citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, give that clean, zingy taste and aroma that are so versatile in cake batters, fillings, icings and as decorations,’ says a spokesperson.

Sicilian Slice

1,800g (4lb) - Macaroona

60g (2oz) - Renwhites solution

60g (2oz) - Honey

120g (4oz) - Renpeel

60g (2oz) - Scone flour

450g (1lb) - Chopped dates


Beat the Macaroona, honey and Renwhites solution on top speed for three minutes. Blend in the Renpeel until smooth.

Add the scone flour on slow speed and mix for half a minute. Mix through the Chopped Dates.

Pipe the mixture through a 2cm tube in long strips onto silicon paper. Bake at 350ºC to 360ºC.

When cool remove from paper. Cut and dip into Renchoco or any of the Renshaw Bakers’ Coatings. Decorate with orange and yellow sprinkles, jelly fruit slices or chocolate orange segments.