Netherlands-based firm Leventi has introduced what it claims to be the first bake-off oven that can be programmed wirelessly through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The Bakermat has also been developed to make it more user-friendly, says the firm.

Leventi has developed a credit card-sized tag, containing an RFID chip that holds up to 40 baking programmes. By holding the card in front of the oven, the oven is programmed wirelessly. Cards can be used by bakers to send baking programmes for new products to their customers, says the company. Fine-tuning of the programmes is possible, so that products can be baked to local requirements.

The Bakermat Mastermind control panel has also been completely modified and has a memory for 200 baking programmes. Each programme can hold up to six baking steps, with different time, temperature, humidity and valve settings. The programmes can easily be edited and can be stored under a customised programme menu.

Other features on the new Bakermat range include an adaptable fan speed. The auto-reverse fan stops when the door is opened, so that heat is not blown out of the oven. The doors have an integrated drain at the bottom that catches excessive condensation to prevent dangerous slippery floors around the ovens.

If the oven door is opened several times during the baking programmes or a batch of cold products is loaded, The Active Correction System automatically adds time to the bake. Meanwhile, the ’Feed Back Energy System’ ensures the oven heats up to the required temperature, but will not go beyond it.

The Leventi Bakermat is available in four-, six-, eight-, 10- or 12 tray-models.