FP: To speed up lunchtime sales we now have more multi-deck self service chill units in busy shops.

DS: There is nothing wrong with a queue as long as it is only two to three minutes. It gives customers the chance to see what else you have got, but it has got to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by the staff.

BA: We recently conducted global food travel research, the largest dedicated study of its kind ever undertaken. Over 1,080 hours of footage were generated, capturing airport behaviour patterns and 1,229 visitors were tracked. The findings provided valuable insights into improving the effectiveness of signage and queuing systems. We also track speed of service through our Mystery Shopper process.

MY: All our staff are trained to execute the transaction as quickly as possible and to remind the customer about other items that could go well with their purchase. Our menu boards often depict a selection of meal deals which also helps speed up the decision-making process.


=== Industry bread-heads ===

Fiona Phillips [FP], development director, Aulds

David Smart [DS], production director, Greenhalgh’s

Britta Ashu [BA], brand manager, Upper Crust

Michele Young [MY], retail and brands director, BB’s Coffee and Muffins