Pine nuts: On the basis that we expect to see a major step to normal supply being resumed, now that Russia and China appear to have settled their cross-border issues, we would hope to see prices ease into 2011 and to correct to more recognisable levels in the course of the next few months. However, varying reports suggest progressive climate change has radically altered the volumes that can be produced. Despite the high price of pine nuts over the past two years, domestic demand in the key producing countries is rising, and will affect exports.

Pumpkin seeds: Although China increased its planted acreage this year, wet weather in September and October affected optimal production, so the additional stocks expected and counted on, did not materialise. Any surplus will be in the hands of local Chinese merchants and speculators, who are limiting stocks coming to the export market and, consequently, we have seen prices roll over into this new season at levels to match the unpleasant highs of last season.

Sunflower seeds: With strong domestic demand again from within China, a new crop which is reported to be slightly reduced from last year and with sunflower prices still significantly lower than pumpkin and pine nuts, we would expect to see sunflower prices firming into 2011.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis