Dawn Foods (Evesham, Worcs) has developed a cake mix that is free of hydrogenated and trans fats.

“This mix is great because it produces an old-fashioned traditional teatime cake, while offering bakers the choice of producing a whole range of other tasty treats,” says Dawn Foods’ marketing director Maggie Dagostino.

Another addition to the company’s range is a low-fat and low-sodium concentrate to meet the needs of an increasingly health-conscious consumer, says the firm. Developed to make 97% fat-free products and with a sodium content of less than 300mg per 100g serving, the concentrate enables bakers to produce a range of muffins to appeal, in particular, to female customers.

Adding flour, sugar and water produces a soft, moist, textured product, with none of the rubbery mouthfeel often associated with low-fat goods, says the company. However, other inclusions need to be fat free so as not to compromise the total fat content of the finished product.

A new improved Madeira cake pre-mix is another new offering from Dawn Foods. The Bakers Select cake mix produces a cake with a buttery flavour and moist close crumb structure, says the company.

It adds that the mix produces consistently even product with little waste from each batch.

“It has also been developed to produce an increased volume, ensuring that the baker can scale a lower weight to achieve the same sized baked product,” says Dawn.

The Madeira mix can be used for loaf cakes, slab cakes, fairy cakes and fondant fancies, as well as Madeira cakes. The mix can incorporate fruit and other inclusions.