== Name: Accurist2 divider and Multitex4 moulder ==


Stockist/contact: Baker Perkins - 01733 283000


How does it work?

The Accurist2 uses a single servo-drive arrangement to deliver on weight control, low stress dough-handling and low-cost maintenance. New benefits include a six-pocket version, with a maximum of 11,000 x 900g dough pieces per hour.

The Multitex4 dough sheeting head can deal with a variety of products, from fruited soft brioches to heavily seeded dough. It features a new PerfectPan moulding table for quality production.


Why should bakers buy it?

New design features on both the Accurist and Multitex bring increased efficiencies to save bakers extra money and respond to the need to reduce salt in bread.


Anything to add?

The firm says it has invested significantly in developments to its dividing and moulding equipment, under the principle that gentle dough-handling maintains the integrity of the dough structure and leads to higher-quality bread.




== Name: König - Combi Line ==


Stockist/contact: EPP - 01372 745558


What is it?

A modular roll plant system based on the Classic Rex automatic dough-dividing and rounding machine.


What can it do?

Designed to enable bakers to choose their own combination of equipment in one machine, it has output rates of up to 9,000 dough pieces per hour in six rows or 6,000 pieces in four rows.


OK, but what else?

Operating widths of 600mm and 800mm are available, and the machine is manufactured using stainless steel and other high-spec food-quality materials. König also retains the intelligent modular head machine, known for its gentle dough processing technology.


Why should bakers buy it?

A wide range of products can be made with the Combi Line, such as baps, finger rolls, stamped rolls, doughnuts, fruited buns and teacakes. Its stamping station has integrated stamping cups and tools that are easy to change.


Any additional information?

Up to 50 programmes can be stored and a direct transfer system is also available for the setting of unformed dough pieces.

www. europeanprocessplant.com


== Name: Vemag Dough Divider ==


Stockist/contact: Reiser - 01908 585300


Key facts

It is suitable for all types of bread, rolls, buns and English muffins, and is easily adjustable to produce a variety of portion sizes (from 5g to 20kg), dough absorptions and crumb structures. It can run bread dough in single or double lanes at 200+ exact weight pieces per minute.


How does it work?

At the heart of this machine is a double screw transport system, says Reiser. This ensures consistent handling of the dough without overworking it.


Why should bakers buy it?

The Vemag can handle absorption rates from 45-95% with just a change of the double-screws. It can also be configured to produce everything from open-crumb to tight-crumb structures. The divider doesn’t require mineral oil, so saves on running costs too.


Anything else?

An optional Vemag 982 Developer system can further de-gas doughs, in order to produce a more uniform fine cell structure.



== Name: Mini Moulder + MK11 Suction Divider ==


Stockist/contact: Mono Equipment - 01792 564000


What are they suitable for?

The Mini Moulder and MK11 Dividers are both ideal for smaller bakeries.


What can they do?

The MK11 can gently divide dough between 284g to 1,400g, and the table-top moulder is capable of producing a range of loaves and finger rolls.


How does it work?

With the moulder, the dough is sheeted before being run through a churling chain to create a nice tight mould before it goes through the final process.


Why should bakers buy it?

Both the Mini Moulder and MK11 can produce up to 1,000 items per hour, and additional kit for the moulder can provide the facility to produce five-inch finger rolls.


Any additional information?

Also available from Mono is the Metro Moulder, suitable for artisan bread production, and the Multi Moulder, which gently moulds bread, from a six-inch tin loaf to a 12-inch bloomer.