Patissier and chocolatier Slattery has launched a new range of locally brewed beers. 

The range is produced by local brewery Brightside Brewing, and includes a golden ale, blonde ale, and an Indian pale ale. A specially brewed chocolate stout is soon to join the shelves, in a bid to complement the bakery’s chocolate business.

Laura Slattery, managing director of the business, told British Baker: “We were looking for a more local brewery to supply to us. This way it is much more personal and much more Manchester-based.

“The beers have personalised labels which they’ve put together for us, and we think the ales will go really well at Christmas in hampers with our chocolates, especially when we get the chocolate beer in.”

This comes in response to customer demand for chocolate ale.

Slattery plans to sell the ales in the Slattery Dining Room, where it serves meals and products from the bakery.

Brightside Brewing also come from a bakery background, after the owners ran a bakery in Bury for 30 years before moving into the brewing business.