Artisan coffee shop chain Small Batch Coffee has revealed that it will relocate outside of Brighton and Hove for the first time and will open up a site in Worthing, West Sussex in October.

The company has seven shops around the Brighton area, but is now opening up a new shop 14 miles down the English coast.

The new premises, which is 1,775sq ft, will have eight times as much capacity to cope with the growing demand after developing its own food range.

Small Batch Coffee CEO Nigel Lambe said: “We’re really delighted to be opening in Worthing. It’s a great new Sussex destination for us and we have wanted to branch outside Brighton for a while. Worthing represents a significant investment for us, which creates over 10 jobs for local people and also allows us to bring our freshly roasted coffees and foods to a brand new seaside location.”

Lambe is currently focusing on Sussex for his expansion, but said he would keep an eye on the market with a view to a possible national expansion in the next two to three years.

Small Batch Coffee was founded in Hove in 2006 by Brad Jacobsen and Al Tomlins, but last year Luke Johnson bought a majority stake in the business with plans to roll it out beyond the city.