What’s the latest?

The D’Artagnan from DrieM is brand spanking new. It’s a dough sheeting line for industrial bread products, such as baguettes (both rolled and cut types), ciabatta, square seeded rolls and pizza crusts. Three orders have already been placed, with the first line starting production of ciabatta and rolls in Germany in May. Owned by Kaak, DrieM is represented in the UK by Benier.


Ciabatta from a sheeter. How is that possible?

The dough is rolled through three progressively tighter sets of rollers to produce the initial undamaged dough sheet. After this, the dough set is further rolled in length and width to produce the final dough sheet, which can be cut, rounded and moulded into different breads, or used to make pizza crusts.


What about hygiene?

The machine is easily cleaned, with roller gaps that can be automatically opened and removable flour duster hoppers.


Is it easy to operate?

The changeover tools for the guillotine are removable and there is a trolley for flour dispensers and other tools, user-friendly PLC screens and non-fraying belting.


I handle large batches of dough. What do you have for me?

Dutch company BVT has recently developed a new dough feeder for a sheeting line or laminator.

The company says that if you want to handle large batches of dough, you usually have to deliver it in smaller pieces to the pre-sheeter of the sheeting or laminating line, but with this new type of dough feeder this isn’t necessary.


Interesting. So how does it work?

The complete batch of a mixing bowl for example from a mixing carousel can be delivered to the dough feeder at once. This means you can process it in one go.

The dough is cut in smaller pieces and is transported to a pre-sheeter. This pre-sheeter makes a sheet of dough, which will be cut and equally divided over different extruders. In this way, a continuous process is created, with a minimal number of operators.


Sounds good. Where do I get one?

BVT is represented in the UK by Sollich and will also be exhibiting at Europain in Paris from 6-10 March.


I make brownies by hand but want to automate

Try the Vemag single-lane sheeting system from Reiser. It combines a Vemag Stuffer with a Rotary Sheeter Attachment, which can be used to extrude all types of portioned doughs, fats, toppings and batter for panning applications. It can also extrude continuous sheets of product.


What’s a Stuffer?

It’s the Vemag’s positive displace-ment double-screw pump, which provides high levels of portioning accuracy. The double-screw transports product extremely gently and without crushing or smearing, says Reiser. The Vemag is available in various models and hopper capacities to meet most production requirements.


Tell me more about the sheeter attachment

It extrudes smooth, uniform sheets of fats or dough with consistent thickness and width. For panning applications, the attachment can be equipped with a rotary cut-off device to ensure clean, even edges with no mess. The Rotary Sheeter produces portions of exact weight and size and deposits into pans corner-to-corner. It can also be used for margarine sheeting, extruding consistent sheets of margarine or other shortening on to moving lines.


What’s got EPP all excited?

The Epsom-based company says its König’s Menes sheeting and laminating technology is setting new standards because of its TwinSat system a multi-roller satellite head, which cuts shear stress on dough.


How does it work?

The dough isn’t rolled down, as in traditional systems, but pressed to size by a high-speed, gentle tamping movement. By eliminating different speeds in the dough layers, this ensures the dough is not stressed. The planet-rollers are driven independently to avoid the dough slipping, ensuring the lowest possible stress to the dough while its thickness is being reduced.

Within the sheeting system the dough is eased forward over the whole section, so that any displacement of the structures in the dough is kept to a minimum.


What can you make with it?

Ciabatta, bread rolls, baguettes, pizzas, flat breads, croissants, puff pastry, and Danish pastry. The modular nature of its design means that the Menes can also grow in line with your business.