Nila Holden, owner of eponymous Bedfordshire-based bakery company Nila Holden, has outlined the importance of social media after she won a contract with Fortnum & Mason last year. 

The biscuit and cake entrepreneur told British Baker how the luxury department store found her biscuits on a Pinterest board, which encouraged them to contact her about a supply contract.

“It’s really important to build your online presence as a baker. I have a Pinterest account, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and although it can be hard sometimes to find the time to keep those going, it is really important.

“We have had so many opportunities that have come our way because people have found us on social media. We stocked in Fortnum & Mason earlier this year - and that was through them finding us on social media. So although it is tough to find the time sometimes, it is something you have to do.”

Holden is currently supplying a range of boutiques in northern France, and runs a shop on the online retailer,

She has been running the business for around two-and-a-half years which operates from her home, and is looking to move into a business premises in the year ahead.