Bakers, do you tell your customers bread is good for them? 

With much of the press hell bent on giving bread a bad name people are becoming brainwashed into believing that this staple food is bad for their health and waistline and Prime Minister David Cameron has not helped with his announcement that “bread is off” his menu while he tries to shift some Christmas pounds.

British Baker has produced this infographic as part of the #WeLoveBread campaign to show consumers why it should remain a part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Associations including Scottish Bakers, The Federation of Bakers, The British Society of Baking and the Craft Bakers’ Association joined us in a visit to Number 10 Downing Street to hand letters into Cameron persuading him not to ditch bread.

So, how can you get involved? Show us your loaves using the hashtag #WeLoveBread. Or you can print out our helpful infographic and put it up in your shops – or just share it via social media.

Here are just a few of the collected facts detailing why bread is an important part of any diet: