We look at a revolutionary cake-cutting invention and Prince Harry’s clear love of bakery in our tongue-in-cheek Stop the Week.

A slice of the action

Cutting cake can be rife with problems, can’t it? Do you invariably easily cut a perfect triangle or does the cake gradually become an asymmetrical monstrosity?

Regardless, it’s cut. Now to lever it out, especially that awkward first piece. It won’t easily lift out. You wriggle your tool and eventually it breaks forth, leaving its nose buried in the cake and cascading crumbs all over. Why would you live this way?

Enter – the Magisso Cake Server. Is that word play on ‘magic’? This life-changing tool is a hollow enclosed gripping tool with semi-rigid sides and these qualities endow it with the ability to slice, pick up and deposit uniform portions of cake. It’s a modern-day superhero.

The elegant tool is housed in a flat oblong box, which carries the comment: “The idea for the cake server came to designer Maria Kivijärvi while she was sitting and drawing on the rocks of Lake Näsijärvi in Finland.” What completely unnecessary detail.

The verdict: It cuts cake easily, secures it with a gentle grip and deposits evenly portioned slices like a dream.
British Baker thinks these babies could take over the world, other than the awkward unwieldy storage issues. Behold the magic:

Royal approval

Prince Harry really isn’t playing fair. Not only do girls worldwide swoon over him for his royal status and bad boy ways, but now he has added a streak of domesticity by handing out cupcakes to adoring fans in New Zealand.

The loyal bunch of female students from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch had waited in the pouring rain to see him on the latest stop of his New Zealand tour.

As if swooning weren’t already a health and safety issue, he then stopped to play with some babies – he knows how to work it.

British Baker, however, was more taken with his unwitting promotion of the brilliant cupcake – a fantastic cake ambassador.

Baby brain cake

We are big believers in the adage ‘each to their own’ but, on the other hand, the social media stink that kicked off when a one-year-old’s birthday BRAIN cake came to light is understandable. With the wealth of children’s cakes from Thomas the Tank Engine to Frozen and Cars, what would inspire parents to go for a cake of brain, and not even Disney-licensed?

Baby boy Toby celebrated his first birthday on a high chair with a cake-brain in front of him, complete with traces of blood. Capillaries or just a gruesome touch? We don’t know. Regardless, the parents found it hilarious, but onlookers (AKA everyone privy to social media) disagreed, instead branding poor Toby ‘a zombie baby’.

It didn’t help, of course, that he smeared lifelike-looking gore all over himself. It is, indeed, disturbing - see for yourself: