This week we look at the ’right’ way to eat a cupcake and how to launch a product with a party in our tongue-in-cheek Stop the Week

We’ve been doing it wrong!
The Huffington Post has kindly posted a video informing us that we have all been eating cupcakes in the wrong way.

Wait, is there a wrong way? The internet is full of ‘helpful’ advice and it turns out I’ve been washing my hair, ironing my clothes and feeding my dog in the wrong way. My hair is clean, my clothes are wrinkle-free (ish) and, well I don’t have a dog. But if a cupcake goes in your mouth, does it matter how?

Clean freaks may appreciate the Huffington Post’s method of more daintily demolishing a cupcake. Instead of wiping frosting all over your face (some enjoy that) you twist the bottom off (watch out for cascading crumbs or oozing filling) and plonk the bottom on the top. Viola! A cupcake sandwich.

Now, is the Cupcake Sandwich ‘a thing’? The video netted 9,507 shares and 11,780 likes and many comments quite violently objected to being told how to “live my life”. Some of those who took it a little less seriously were happy to salute the Cupcake Sandwich with some claiming to already be converted.

Is this the next big thing? Oh no, it is the last big thing - a whoopie pie.

Raving launch

It’s all about getting people interested and some companies are going a little further than others.

Rather than go down the classic launch and marketing route, dairy alternative brand Alpro went for a breakfast rave instead. Hosted at the funky Cereal Killer café in London’s Camden Lock, it seems to have been a success with dancers hitting the floor despite the early start of 7am. Those who weren’t quite ready for DJ Yoda, DJ DC and the Cereal Killer DJs at that time could instead choose to enjoy a massage or a manicure to start their day in style.

Rachel Cranston, media marketing manager at Alpro, said: “Breakfast is really back in fashion and the idea behind the breakfast rave is to celebrate that occasion. It’s about giving customers and consumers the best ingredients to start their day.”

Boost sales with health advice

Taboo issues are never easy, are they? But let’s wade in - erectile dysfunction. Researchers from the University of Texas have found that men who have at least two cups of coffee a day saw a 42% reduction in the occurrence of the aforementioned affliction.

Participants who consumed between 85mg and 170mg of caffeine a day were 42 per cent less likely to experience erectile dysfunction compared to those who drank no caffeine. The occurence of erectile dysfunction was reported by 39% of those who drank between 171mg and 303mg of caffeine a day.

According to the NHS, one instant mug of coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine.

So, with our baking caps on, British Baker is thinking that this could be an excellent sell for cafes and coffee shops. Think of the marketing and advertising opportunities - discounts for couples? Late night offers, maybe. and a free slice of cake the next day.