This week’s Stop the Week looks at the trend for having a wacky wedding cake and ways to celebrate father’s Day in a bakery way.

Go off-piste

Why bother with tradition? We’ve heard all about the Lego-themed wedding cake that went viral and it seems that more couples are ditching the boring fruit cake for their nuptials in favour of weird and wonderful creations - some even opt out of cake all together.

Apparently, just 18% of couples go down the fruit cake route, which seems very low. This is because many people choose a traditionally iced cake but it is in fact masquerading as traditional fare and vanilla sponge or chocolate brownie may actually be lurking beneath.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as other choices have included tiered pork pies, a pile of doughnuts, a hunk of cheese and elaborately arranged sushi.

A six-tiered, 320-piece sushi wedding display from costs £520, including delivery. Marks & Spencer sells a wedding cake made of five cheeses (£155), as well as a three-tiered pork pie (£99), held up by traditional white pillars.

Why would anybody do something quite so dull as order a traditional wedding cake?

Problems solved

Struggling for Father’s Day gift ideas? Good Housekeeping has solved everybody’s problems - a moustache cake.

Simply pick his favourite cake recipe and bake the cake before drawing a ying-yang on a piece of wax paper to make a stencil, then cut the cake into a moustache.

Then it gets really creative as you can pick the colour of frosting to match the man it’s for and drag a fork through to create the wiry texture - who wouldn’t like a bespoke cake like that?

It’s a winner, although may work best if the recipient has a moustache. For those that don’t - maybe try a chin cake?

Say it with cake

The power of bakery has spread into the world of football. Frank Lampard has been gifted with a chocolate cake as he prepares to make the move across the pond to join New York City FC. The cake came from the Chelsea player’s loving sister-in-law, who baked a New York-style cake to fit the move.

He posed with the cake with fiancée Christine Bleakley because you can never get too famous for cake.