This week we look at edible poo and the danger of biscuits when in the wrong hands. 

Biscuit rage

Imagine a weapons amnesty. You could expect to see guns, knives, machetes, maybe a biscuit or two? Yes, you read that correctly – biscuits are now among the list of weapons, according to Norfolk’s police and crime commissioner.

It comes after a woman threw a biscuit at a man, which left him with a small red mark.

Stephen Bett, of Norfolk police, said: “I am sure people will find these examples of what the police are having to record as violent crime hard to believe, to say the least.”

And he would be right.

A bum idea
Disney World has trumped itself by selling poo-shaped and coloured desserts. The theme park’s newest café, Zuri’s Sweets Shop, offers a line of baked goods inspired by animal droppings – and why not? Well, you could say because it’s bit disgusting.

But Disney doesn’t think so. Head to Zuri’s shop for elephant poo with oats and peanut butter, and tamarin poo with pretzels and fudge. Is $3.99 a reasonable charge for edible faeces?

Concealing cakes

So cool are baked goods now, that they have even made headlines about prison breaks.

A pair of convicted murderers (not the usual fuzzy Stop the Week topic) escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate New York and bakery played a major role. For months before the escape, prison tailor Joyce Mitchell used baked goods to win favours for convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat. He smuggled items including hacksaw blades to the criminals in foods such as hamburgers.

The two convicts cut holes through steel cell walls, then sneaked along catwalks and through pipes before clambering out of a manhole beyond the prison gates and disappearing on 6 June. The manhunt continues.