This week’s Stop the Week looks at a wildlife penchant for Cornish pasties and what people will do for a bacon sarnie. 

Pasty in horror flick

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds had a reawakening this week when a particularly vicious creature plummeted from the sky in St Ives to get his lunch.

Natalie Jones had been feeling rather smug as she positioned herself for a selfie to “make her friends jealous” of her tasty Cornish pasty - but little did she know of the future. The perfect moment was ruined when a gull swooped down to take the pasty as his own. In one of those you-wouldn’t-believe-it-if-you-saw-it moments, Jones’ snapshot perfectly captured the gull as he stretched out talons and beak to whip her prize.

He only got away with a chunk but Jones decided to chuck the rest.

St Ives has had repeated problems with gulls stealing food and the town council has previously drafted in hawks and falcons to tackle the scavenging birds.


Spot the difference

The differences between A and B in Spot the Difference games are usually quite subtle so as to up the challenge and therefore satisfaction on completion. But there’s always another angle to take isn’t there? A cakemaker  obviously thought the game would be much more challenging if there were so many differences that the player wouldn’t know where to start - mission accomplished.

The popular Frozen character Princess Elsa has been admirably recreated on the left by McGreevy Cakes.

However, a little was left to be desired in the one on the right, delivered for a child. The Reddit post by user OfficialBigHead went viral and drew 2,000 comments in hours.

ViciousPuddin, said: “The sad thing is, as horrific as it looks, someone put serious time into making that cake. “Every misshapen blob, every terrifying curve and flourish. There are hours and hours of terrible craftsmanship here.”

Another user said: “Everything neck down looks fine honestly. Neck up...yikes.”

To be fair to the baker, she had a family emergency that day and was left with too little time to make the cake, which then got rained on. But still...

What you wouldn’t do for a bacon sarnie

There are a few things you’d miss if you were locked up in prison, aren’t there? Top of the list is your favourite foods. That is how Lewis Harwood, an inmate of HMP Birmingham, felt when he was accidentally released this week. He walked to a pal’s local pub and chowed down a bacon sarnie, with a couple of beers of course, before calmly walking back to prison.

Harwood, of Rugeley, Staffordshire, was supposed to be let out after serving a sentence for a motoring offence. However, he was then supposed to be kept in jail on remand for an unrelated charge.

The prison carried out its pre-release checks, but it’s understood a fax from Birmingham Magistrates’ Court with instructions to keep Harwood on remand was not sent to the jail until 5.45pm on the Friday.

At least that sarnie will carry him through the next few months.