The method of making savoury snacks by folding the corners of a square of puff pastry over towards the centre of the filling is well-liked by the smaller baker. Two bakers have reported that the filling for a tomato tart sells well with this, is cheap and easy to make and produces good profits. Ingredients / % Ripe tomatoes and/or tinned tomatoes in juice in whatever proportions you wish / 100 Sugar / 5 Onion / 10 Olive oil and herbs of your choice Method 1. Cook over a low heat until reduced by at least 50%. 2. Adjust the taste with salt, sugar and a little vinegar. 3. When cold, spread on a puff pastry base, top with centre-cut slices of fresh tomato and bake in a hot oven. The trimmings from the tomatoes go into the conserve. Sausage roll alternatives Sausage rolls are one of the best-selling savouries, but attempts to put anything other than pork sausage into them are less than inspired. So why not try these? Chicken and coriander Ingredients / Amount / % Dry white bread / 120g / 9 Single cream / 120ml / 9 (Or a mix of whipping cream and milk or vegetable cream) Melted butter / 100g / 7 Salt / 20g / 1 White pepper / 5g / 0.3 Fresh coriander or Porter’s fresh coriander in oil / 200g / 1 Minced chicken / 1kg / 73 Method Beat the bread and cream to a soft paste and blend with the other ingredients. This should be like a soft pork sausage roll filling, so adjust with fine breadcrumbs or milk if needed. Minced beef or lamb with onions and curry seasoning Ingredients / % Minced onion / 15 Breadcrumbs / 10 Whipping cream or meat stock / 10 Minced meat / 65 Curry paste to taste with a little salt and pepper.