Swedish bakery Almondy launched a new Swedish almond ’tarta’ at the recent Caffè Culture show. Almondy Toblerone is a new take on the firm’s classic almond tarta Swedish for cake topped with pieces of Toblerone. The base of the cake is covered with a layer of rich chocolate cream and smooth milk chocolate mousse, coated with chunks of Toblerone and then covered with a milk chocolate topping.

Almondy’s products are produced in Sweden and distributed to the retail and foodservice markets in the UK through frozen food supplier Central Foods.

MD Andrew Ely said these sorts of products have been having a bit of a renaissance on the back of the growth of café culture, and the firm has seen particular interest from businesses such as garden centres’ coffee shops. It has an eight-strong range, including Swedish lemon cheesecake and Swedish almond tarta with caramel and peanuts. The products are supplied frozen and pre-cut into 12 portions. They contain no preservatives, or artificial colourings and are also gluten-free.