Swedish bakery company Peter’s Yard, which opened an upmarket bakery and coffee shop in Edinburgh last year, has moved into wholesale in the UK for the first time with a range of traditional Swedish crispbreads.

Harrods and Fortnum & Mason are set to list the crispbreads, which are handmade with natural ingredients such as milk, rye flour, honey and sourdough. The products, currently baked in Sweden, will soon be made by a third-party bakery in London.

Peter’s Yard, headquartered in southern Sweden and founded by entrepreneur Peter Ljung-quist, set up a bakery and café in Edinburgh’s Quartermile development in January last year. It bakes Swedish artisan pastries and breads on-site, such as rye, kavring and sourdough, and sells a range of premium biscuits and biscotti.

Joint-MD Wendy Wilson-Bett told British Baker the crispbreads are aimed at top-end retailers, such as food halls and delis.
the range would be expanded later in the year. Wholesaler Heider and Clarks will distribute the crispbreads, which retail in four different formats.