Our journey westward continues with a trip to Tesco in Exeter, where the Express & Echo heralded a word of warning to anyone who might find themselves a little peckish at a Tesco checkout. It reported on one shopper who suffered the ignominy of being manhandled to the ground and banned from his local store - for biting on a bread roll before he’d paid for it.

David Bowes was reportedly treated "like a terrorist" by a security guard who warned him off his premature chomp as he waited to pay for his goods. Ignoring the guard’s plea, he was "thrown to the ground and pinned face down while police were called" after he apparently became abusive. Bowes said: "I never raised my voice and I never swore but I said, ’You cannot be serious’."

Although Tesco defended its actions, heaven knows how it would have reacted had he brandished the roll as an offensive weapon.