Consultation meeting with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) over saturated fat and calorie reduction in baked goods

Taking place two weeks prior to the closing date (3 November, 2009) of the FSA’s consultation on saturated fat and calorie reduction in baked products, the meeting, chaired by Paul Wilkinson, brought together the head of nutrition at the FSA, Rosemary Hignett, and the FSA’s scientist handling the consultation, Stephen Airey, with movers and shakers in the baking industry. They represented leading pie, pastry and cake manufacturers, craft bakers, ingredients suppliers and trade bodies.

The debate, organised by British Baker and sponsored by ADM Pura and BakeMark UK, was a chance for the FSA to hear first-hand how much the industry is willing to co-operate to meet the nation’s health challenges – so long as it gives bakers enough lead-in time to resource changes, from reformulations and processes to increased costs.

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