Manufacturer of mixers and automatic mixing systems VMI has launched its latest range of spiral mixers. The new line, called Expert, is available from European Process Plant (EPP), which supplies mixers to the UK and Irish market. "VMI’s new Expert mixers are incredibly easy to wash down, because the materials used are stainless steel and some plastic high density polyethylene (HDPE)," says EPP director Stewart Morris. "The position of the spiral and centre post in the retaining bowl can be adjusted, allowing an additional spiral to be added. This means the Expert can be easily adapted from a single- to twin-spiral mixer. We believe this feature is unique to this range."

The speed of the bowls and tools can be easily controlled and the mixers have individual dough batch capacities of up to 900kg.

New kneading tool

Benier UK, part of the Kaak Group, supplies Wendel mixers to the UK market and has recently introduced a new kneading tool to the machine, for the processing of smaller batches of dough. It means batches that only require one-third of the mixing bowl’s capa-city can be produced while achieving the same high quality, says the firm. Also new is the PSPVW Spiral Mixer, which combines the advantages of classical mixers with the benefits of beating machines and planetary mixers. Thanks to special tooling, it is able to stir, mix and beat in all pastes, batters, creams and butter for the cake- making and dessert industries.

Union Food Machinery and Equipment (UFM) is now supplying a new mixer from Austrian company Laska. The firm, which is better-known as a supplier to the meat industry has launched a high-speed shear mixer for speciality bakery and confectionary products, says Malcolm Burgess, MD of UFM. "The machine has a variable speed control up to a maximum of 130 RPM. The standard Z arms have been replaced with plough-type mixing arms which overlap for greater mixing efficiency."

For those looking for a mixer that can also weigh, cook, steam and grind, then the Thermomix TM31 may be for you. It can be used to produce breads, pastries and cakes, and features in-built scales and variable speed settings, including a kneading function. "Bakers can mill their own grains and pulses into flours to produce artisan breads, pizza bases, cakes and patisserie." The firm says the TM31 model can produce light sponges and cakes mixes in just 30 seconds. It has a temperature-controlled heating function suitable for making chocolate ganaches, as well as cooking creme patisserie, fruit purees and jam fillings.

Pantheon has added a brand new, 10-litre planetary mixer to its range, which has been developed for use by small to medium-sized bakeries. The PM10 is powered by a 0.75kW motor while the all-gear-driven transmission ensures smooth, friction-free operation across three speed settings, according to the firm. The mixer features a red, mushroom-type stop button, which complies fully with all UK local authorities’ most recent safety guidelines.

Hygiene response

Italian firm Rollmatic has launched its mixers in stainless steel versions, in response to EU regulations on stricter hygiene conditions. Rollmatic’s range of planetary mixers feature capacities from 10 to 160 litres and is available through Interbake in the UK. On it machines of 80-litre capacities and over, the tools can be taken from the machine without having to detach the mixing bowl, explains David Dunne, MD of Interbake.

Powered bowl lifts, optional bowl scrapers and reduction kits that permit a 60-litre machine to have 30-litre tools on the same machine, are also available.

Focus on: Masz

Polish firm Masz is looking to expand in the UK market. Currently supplying mixers to a handful of Polish bakeries in the UK, it wants to target any bakeries that are looking for "high-quality bread, made with high-quality machines" says Marcin Goryczka of Masz.
The firm manufactures fixed bowl spiral mixers with dough capacities of 40 to 200 kg, and travelling bowl spiral mixers with dough capacities of 120 to 300 kg. It also distributes third-party equipment to bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias, including dual-purpose planetary mixers.
Goryczka says the firm is a flexible supplier, and can manufacture bespoke machines for its customers, from simple to highly automated. "The parameters of the dough made with our mixers are comparable with the best-known," he says. "Our machines also measure the temperature of the dough at the bottom of the bowl, and indicate real temperature."