After three decades in the bakery sector, North London bakery manager Jefta Kon Lakovic shares 10 Golden Rules of Management

1 Delegating the jobs and activity does not mean that the manager abdicates responsibility.

2 Taking action is not enough. Making things happen is.

3 Every manager owes it to their people to develop them to the limit of their potential, thus making them independent in their daily activities (instead of only telling each person what to do at the time it is required).

4 Nobody can lead if they are not in front.

5 Leading from the front and among inspires people to follow.

6 In service of others there is an eternal satisfaction.

7 The unsightly caterpillar has a choice change into a beautiful butterfly or perish.

8 Those who have to exercise their authority continually, hardly have any at all.

9 All dreams are possible when the whole team holds the same dream.

10 We the business team - come first; I come last.