By Steve Wells of Food bakery, Minehead, Somerset

There are crazier ways to predict an election the conflicting daily polls spun by the various national newspapers spring to mind than via the medium of bun sales. And so it is we cast our eyes over to Minehead in Somerset, where Food bakery customers have been urged to cast their vote by buying Election Buns, themed in the colours of the main political parties.

Daily sales were tracked using the technically advanced ’Bun-o-Meter’ a device first used in 1992, when young baker and entrepreneur Steve Wells introduced bun forecasting to the seaside town. That year, the last time it was employed, it successfully predicted the winner, John Major.

Hoping to eat his way to victory was Green Party candidate Charles Graham, pictured here having bought one of his party’s green buns. The rest of the candidates were due to visit in the build-up to polling day. This election snapshot, taken on Monday 26 April, shows Labour ahead, with the Conservatives just behind and the Liberal Democrats and Green Party trailing...