Installed: a new Schubert automated packaging line featuring a TLM-F44 Picker Station, which is used to pick up the teacakes and place them on to the grouping belt conveyor; they are then transported to the machine’s central loading operation. A Schubert TLM-F2 loading system then picks up the collated teacakes and loads them into the cartons.

Techie spec: It has a Schubert vision system incorporated, for quality control purposes. Any misshapen or broken products are automatically rejected before the final packaging process.

Packing heat: The rectangular cardboard carton is erected from a flat carton blank and glued by means of hot melt, using a carton closing machine. The highly flexible system is also able to pack the products into an acetate tray. Simply by changing the format parts, the versatile machine is capable of de-nesting the tray, loading the new format with ’completion inspection’ and discharging from the system.

Benefits: Increased efficiency is one of the main benefits. The line has been installed to pack the famous Tunnocks teacakes, and is designed to pack either six or 10 teacakes to a box or 12 to a tray. The high-speed machine packs up to 67 cartons per minute for the six-count carton and 40 cartons per minute for the 10-count carton. The line can pack up to 400 products a minute.

Supplied by: Schubert